Salvage Operations

At Coronado Wrecking & Salvage Co., Inc., we believe in the importance of recycling and the re-use of materials is important to our environment. In New Mexico, we lead the industry in the concept of salvaging and recycling building materials. As often as possible, we schedule a salvage crew to a job site prior to demolition to remove any and all reusable items which are then sent to our 30 acre facility, where we allow the general public to shop six days a week for anything they might be able to re-use.

Coronado Wrecking & Salvage Co., Inc. has two mobile crushing plants which travel the entire state recycling asphalt and concrete materials which are then turned into base course and other functional ground cover materials.

Items for Sale:

Grass Valley 300 Production Mixer

Greenheck Exhaust Blower

Lobo Seats from the PIT

Contact us for more information on specific items we have available., call us by phone 505-877-2821, or fax 505-877-4756.